Difference Between Glass Hookah And Traditional Hookah In Houston Texas

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Difference Between Glass Hookah And Traditional Hookah In Houston Texas

If you live in Houston Texas, you must know the different trends of smoking. Other than the traditional ways of smoking, this place introduces you to many different and unique ways of smoking that are barely irresistible. 

Besides, there are many types of fragrant smokes that you cannot avoid even if you want to. You will also find e-cigarettes, e-juices, and hookahs for hookah lovers at some renowned smoke shops and vape shop in Houston. 

Nowadays, there is a demand for glass hookahs more than the traditional hookah.

Wondering what’s the difference between glass hookah and traditional hookah? What makes glass hookah more desirable? Let’s have a look at a few things that make them both different from each other.

Difference Between Glass Hookah And Traditional Hookah:

Hookah is an old tradition in Houston. If you love smoking, you must be aware of hookah and how soothing it is. But these days, glass hookah has become the new favorite of many smokers.

For that reason, choosing between glass and traditional hookah is still very tough. Let’s make it easier for you.

What Is Glass Hookah:


Glass hookah is the latest trend for hookah lovers, especially in Houston. People tend to love it due to its delicacy and beauty. Here are some of its features for you to know.

A Delicate Thing:

Glass hookah is very delicate because it is made up of glass. It is tough to handle because it can easily break into parts and it’s not easy to repair things. So, beware of its delicacy before going for it.

Aesthetic Design:

It is beautifully designed and is a center of attraction for those who love to try different things. It comes off as an elegant and sleek masterpiece that is irresistible for smoke lovers, especially those who love hookah. 

Easy To Clean:

Since it’s of glass, it’s very easy to clean. You can see through it and, therefore, can clean it whenever you feel the need. 

Moreover, glass hookah has no rubber grommets so, there is no tension of tough cleaning. In addition to this, you can place anything on its base and add beauty and flavor to your hookah. Great! Isn’t it?

A Bit Expensive:

Although glass hookahs are very beautiful and delicate, they are much more expensive than traditional ones. If you want to buy glass hookah, you should have a good deal of fortune. 

But if you already have it, you are a true smoke lover. So, enjoy your smoking time with your dream hookah.

Traditional Hookah:


Traditional hookah is very common in Houston, Texas and people love to smoke it. However, with the latest trends in hookah, people tend to be more attracted to them. 

But if you want the real feel of smoking, traditional hookah is the best option. Here are a few features of traditional hookah. 

Sturdiness And Durability:

This is the most striking feature of traditional hookah. If you have a traditional hookah, you know how durable it is. Its design is tough and sturdy. You can use it any way rough or smooth; it’s always there for you. 

Moreover, if it breaks somehow, it’s very easy to repair. Plus, you can always keep it with you anywhere you go because of its sturdy design. So, here the fun comes with the ultimate durability. Awesome! Isn’t it?

Not So Expensive:

Another feature that hits your mind is that it comes at a cheaper price. To own a traditional hookah, you don’t have to be very rich. You can afford it and enjoy it anytime you want. So, don’t wait and have one now. 

Beautiful Design:

Similar to glass hookahs, traditional hookahs are also beautiful. They have colorful bases and you also customize them according to your choice.  What’s more? They are reliable and stay with you as long as you want them. 

Harder To Clean:

Unlike glass hookahs, they are harder to clean. Traditional hookahs are quite heavy and not easily movable. 

Therefore, cleaning them may be a fatiguing task. Moreover, you need a lot of adapters and grommets to use them that makes them quite tough to use, unlike glass hookahs. 

Looking For The Best Smoke Shop In Houston, Texas?

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It offers both types according to our customers’ needs and makes sure that our customers are fulfilled and satisfied. 

We have much more for smoke lovers. Come, visit us and make your leisure time even more memorable. 


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