Exploring the flavors of CBD oil at Vape & Smoke Shop Houston

CBD OIl at SMokenjoy vape shop houston

Exploring the flavors of CBD oil at Smokenjoy Vape and Smoke shop Houston.


CBD Oil more precisely called Cannabidiol Oil, is an active ingredient of Cannabis (Marijuana). Cannabidiol has recreational as well as pharmaceutical uses. It is because cannabidiol present in CBD oil has effects on brain activity. It can help fight anxiety. Also, its intake gives the person a feeling of happiness and euphoria. 

Doctors recommend use of CBD oil during post-chemotherapy and other medicinal purposes. It can also relieve stress, pain, anxiety and depression so people also use it for purposes other than medicinal. 

In this article, we will be discussing different flavors of CBD Oil at Smokenjoy Vape and Smoke Shop, Houston.

How to Choose the Best Flavor of CBD Oil from Vape Store in Houston

Before using any flavor of CBD oil, there are certain things you should verify yourselves. Because when it comes to taste and flavor, many companies add sub-standard chemicals to make new and innovative flavors. Here is a list of things you should consider before buying a flavored CBD oil


You should check whether the named flavor is certified by any drug regulatory authority or not. Artificial chemicals used to add flavor to CBD oil can have negative effects on the body.

Manufacturing Process

You should make sure that the company or brand which produces that flavor of CBD oil manufactures it through a standard procedure that passes all quality control tests.


You should make sure that the potency of CBD in the CBD oil is not higher than that recommended by your doctor. Using higher potency of CBD oil can lead to adverse effects on the body. 

Overall Composition

You should make sure that the flavor of CBD oil you are going to buy does not contain any extra ingredient which is not a part of the chemical composition of natural CBD oil. You should also carefully check the concentration of THC in the given product.

Flavors of CBD Oil in Smokenjoy Vape and Smoke Shop Houston

As CBD Oil is extracted from Cannabis Sativa leaves, it has an earthy flavor. Not everyone likes this flavor because of the aroma of earth or soil. Some companies add essential oils or artificial flavors into the oil to make it more enjoyable for everyone. 

Smokenjoy has kept the tradition alive by designing a whole line of various flavors of CBD Oil. We will discuss the different flavors of CBD oil you can get from Smokenjoy Vape and Smoke Shop Houston.

Peppermint Flavor CBD Oil

The peppermint flavor is just like spearmint but it contains a higher concentration of menthol. It means it gives a stronger and more enjoyable minty aroma. This flavor comes in oil syrup bottles. You can have a sense of cold and freshness using this flavor. 

They are filled in glass bottles with a dropper attached. You can use them in the form of drops. 

Watermelon Flavored CBD Oil

This flavor of CBD Oil has a rather fruity and sweet taste and aroma. If you love fruity fragrances, then this flavor should be a MUST try for you. This flavor also comes in glass-filled bottles capped with a dropper.

A 30ml bottle of CBD Oil contains about 2000 milligrams of Cannabidiol. You should consult your physician or health consultant before taking CBD oil. Taking more than the recommended amount can have adverse effects on your brain.

Acai Berry Flavored CBD Oil

Acai Berries have an earthy taste with a little tart taste. This flavor has a little similarity with the original flavor of CBD oil. CBD oil without any artificial flavoring also has an earthy taste that smells like earth or soil. 

If you do not like any strong artificial flavoring to your CBD oil, this flavor can be the best for you. 

Unflavoured CBD Oil

Smokenjoy Vape and Smoke Shop Houston also offers its customers the original CBD Oil. This is the CBD oil with its original taste and fragrance. If you do not like any extra flavorings to your CBD oil, then this one’s for you.

The original CBD Oil has an earthy smell.  All the above-mentioned CBD oils contain Broad-spectrum CBD. Broad Spectrum CBD contains all the active ingredients of the cannabis plant, but no tetrahydrocannabinol (THC)

Orange Creamsicle Flavored CBD Oil

Orange creamsicle flavor is a great choice for you if you love creamy and sweet things. It has an aromatic sense which at once can excite your taste buds.

Where to get CBD oil from Vape Store in Houston

You can get Flavored or unflavored CBD oil from Smokenjoy Vape and Smoke Shop, Houston. They have an outlet at 4922-Washington ave, Houston, TX 77007. You can also visit their webpage or contact them at (713) 497-5276


We have discussed some necessary things to consider before buying CBD Oil. You should keep in mind that using higher potency of CBD oil than recommended by the physician can lead to adverse effects on the body. CBD should only be used for medicinal purposes. Doctors do not recommend the recreational use of CBD oil.

CBD oil can be used in the form of drops. Place 1 to 2 drops of CBD oil beneath your tongue. Keep it under your tongue for 1 to 2 minutes before swallowing it. 


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