Flavors Not To Blame For Teen Vaping In Houston, Texas

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Flavors Not To Blame For Teen Vaping In Houston, Texas

Teenage vaping is very common in Houston, Texas. Although it’s not legal as well as not good for their health but teens are seen vaping and smoking everywhere. 

If you ever pass through the streets of Houston, you will see a lot of young people vaping like it’s a normal practice. 

However, the government makes rules to curb this habit in teens. During the reign of President Trump, the authorities banned some of the flavors that were flavors among teens. These flavors include fruity flavors, mint, and vapes with dessert flavors. Let’s get to know more about it here. 

Flavors That Are Healthy To Use For Teens:

Although the government banned these flavors but a new policy allows teens to continue with all the flavors. However, they are only allowed to use disposable vapes and not refillable ones. 

Here, I am going to tell you about the flavors that are healthy for teens.

Fruit Flavors:

Fruit flavors are very popular among teens. They love the vapes that give them their favorite flavors. Notably, research has shown that fruity flavors are not very harmful to use for teens. 

Thinking of what flavors are popular? Actually, there are three flavors that are very common i.e., apple, mango, and peach. These are juicy fruits and when the flavor is added to the vape, they give a refreshing sensation to the user. 

  • Apple:

Apple is a very healthy fruit plus it’s not tart or too sweet. Its flavor in vape makes it less harmful and safer to use for teens. 

  • Mango:

This is the favorite flavor among teens. Mango is flavorful and very healthy so. its vape is also not harmful to teens.

  • Peach:

Peach is a very delicious flavor. It adds a tangy flavor to vape and makes it nutritious and flavorful. 

Mint Flavor:

Here is another one that is very popular among the youngsters. Mint flavor is very refreshing and gives an air of freshness to everyone who uses it. 

So, vaping with mint flavor is both refreshing and less harmful for the young generation and they can continue with their vaping. Awesome! Isn’t it?

Why These Flavors Are Less Harmful?

In Houston, Texas, vaping among teens is very normal so, the manufacturers know how to keep it balanced. Instead of giving only nicotine, they offer fruity and mint flavors to lessen the harmful effect of nicotine. 

So, they can vape with the least possible bad effects. 

Why Do The Manufacturers Make Flavorful Vape?

Well, vaping is a habit and to make this habit more strong, they introduce flavors. According to several studies, teens get attracted to flavors and the attraction lasts longer. 

Other than teens, flavors are a very big attraction for vape lovers and they tend to use more puffs if they have various flavor options. 

Bottom Line:

These flavors are not very harmful to use. If you go for these flavors, you can have flavorful vapes with less danger. These flavored vapes are not tough to find in Houston, Texas. 

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