How does the Ash Catcher Lawn chair Pipe pull down ash?

How does the Ash Catcher Lawn chair Pipe pull down ash?

Although bongs give smooth and cool-looking hits on the other hand it is very difficult to maintain its cleanliness right after a few bowls. To avoid such hassle, ash catcher pipes have been introduced and grab most of the attention in the marketplace. It is very easy to use and reduces your efforts in cleaning. 

What is An Ash Catcher Lawn chair pipe?

Along with other bong bong accessories, ash catcher is one of them. It can be easily attached to the joint of the bong and after enjoying your session you can easily detach it. As its name implies, the ash catcher is designed in such a way that it catches the ash coming out of the bowl. Not only this but it is also used to filter out the combusted material from the smoke. Ash catchers are also known as pre-coolers as they are used to lower the temperature of the smoke before it enters into the water pipe.  However, It is advisable to wash your bong and maintain its cleanliness as ash catchers do not claim to have 100 % filtering capabilities. 

How does an Ash Catcher Lawn chair Pipe pull down ash?

There are two basic joints of an ash catcher. The first part is for your bowl and the second part is for the stem of the bong. The bowl is inserted into the joint that points in an upward direction and the downward joint is attached to the stem of the bong. You are then required to add water to the glass attachment. As you begin your session, smoke first goes down from the bowl to the chamber of an ash catcher. The chamber then grabs the ash and debris from the smoke before allowing it to enter the connecting joint. It has been observed that smoke that comes out from the ash catcher contains less debris. 

Why use an Ash Catcher lawn chair pipe?

There are multiple advantages of an ash catcher which can easily convince you to buy one for yourself. It helps to maintain your bong with much less effort. The regular bong owners know the hassle it takes to clean the small slits of a large bong like Turbine perc and Complex perc system. with the help of an ash catcher, your bong, as well as your percolators, can be free from debris for a long duration of time. It ultimately turns out that you can enjoy longer sessions with no worry to clean your bong. 

Not only this but the ash catcher can also be used to upgrade the whole bong system without purchasing any costly replacements. For example, if you are using an acrylic bong, you can easily attach a glass ash catcher which will not only help to lowered temperature but also avoid the unpleasant taste that usually comes from acrylic bongs. Other advantages of ash catcher lawnchair pipe are as follows:

  1. An ash catcher pipe won’t allow to heat up the bong too much.
  2. It is easy to use.
  3. It is very easy to clean.
  4. One can enjoy an uninterrupted session by using an ash catcher lawnchair pipe.
  5. By using an ash catcher one can enjoy cooler and smoother hits. 
  6. You don’t need to replace your favorite water pipe, thus by using an ash catcher you can enhance your smoking experience. 

How to use an Ash Catcher Lawn chair pipe?

There are four important factors that have to keep in mind before buying ash catcher lawn chair pipe. These four factors are angle, gender, size, and height of an ash catcher.

  1. The angle of an Ash Catcher

Before buying an ash catcher, determine the joint angle of your bong because bongs are usually available in two angles i.e 45and 900. If you have a bong that has a 90 egress angle, then you should buy an ash catcher that has a 90-degree joint because a mismatched ash catcher does not sit perfectly on your bong. Either a mismatched ash catcher lies too high or too low which ultimately results in an uneven water line. 

  1. Gender of an Ash Catcher

Bongs are available in two slide genders i.e. male and female. It is recommended to buy an ash catcher opposite the gender of your water pipe. If you have a bong with a male joint then you should buy an ash catcher that has a female joint. 

  1. Size of an Ash Catcher

There are three sizes of joints that are 10mm, 14mm, and 18mm. Both the joint sizes of an ash catcher and a bong should be the same. On the other hand, if you buy a mismatched ash catcher then you have to use a slide adapter to perfectly fix the issue.  

  1. Weight of an Ash Catcher

The overall weight of an ash catcher must not be too heavy otherwise it will destabilize your bong. The bigger the ash catcher, the heavier it will be. Make sure your water pipe must have a heavy base to stay upright, otherwise the whole system collapse. 

We hope you get all the relevant information in this article regarding an ash catcher and how does it really work.

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