Is Vaping Healthier Than Traditional Smoking?

Is Vaping Healthier Than Traditional Smoking?

Using electronic cigarettes is known as smoking. If you are wondering to quit smoking then you are not alone. It is one of the best decisions that you are going to make for the betterment of your health and future. Smoking not only harms every organ of the body but also causes death. Vaping is the easiest way to transform from a traditional cigarette to not smoking at all. In this article, you will get to know whether vaping is healthier than traditional smoking or not? We will also share health information related to vaping. 

Vaping is less harmful as compared to traditional smoking: 

As discussed earlier, traditional cigarettes may cause death because it badly affects the lungs and heart of the human system. On the other hand, this rate is very less among people using e-cigarettes. Vaping is found to be less hazardous on a per-unit basis. 

When people inhale traditional cigarettes, they are taking many chemicals into their lungs out of which nicotine is the most dangerous one. These chemicals then mix with the blood and reach out to the brain. The same rule is followed in vaping too, except with the difference that nicotine-containing liquid is heated with the help of batteries in e-cigarettes and turns into an aerosol.  

Both vaping and smoking can make addiction to nicotine and other volatile organic compounds by exposing their brains to nicotine. However, the intensity of these toxicants is much lower in vaping as compared to traditional e-cigarettes. If a person is a chain smoker, then switching to e-cigarettes will result in less harm. 

Vaping is safer than Smoking:

According to the surveys in the British Royal College of Physicians and Public Health England and The American National Academy of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine, it has been observed and concluded that vaping is safer than using traditional cigarettes. Vaping is 95% less harmful as compared to smoking. Smoke produces tar and carbon monoxide that cause long-term health issues in the human body. There is no combustion in vaping because nicotine is heated by the batteries of e-cigarettes, as a result, there is no smoke. In this way, vaping causes no harm to lungs and heart function and produces a better sense of taste as well.  

No odor of smoke in vaping at all:

As Compared to traditional vaping which causes an irritating smoke smell in your clothes, house, and car, vaping will not produce the smell of smoke at all. There is an aroma in e-cigarettes that is far better than the smell of smoke and cigarette butts. Even tobacco-flavored e-cigarettes won’t smell anything like burning tobacco and irritate people around you.  

You can have control over nicotine intake using vaping:

Unlike traditional smoking which will make you addicted to nicotine in no time, vaping allows you full control over consuming nicotine dosage. There is a wide variety of e-juices available in the marketplace ranging from no-nicotine to high strength nicotine levels, you can adjust your nicotine level in your vape or even choose the no nicotine option also.  Many people who are switching from traditional smoking to vaping, choose high nicotine levels at first and then gradually come to lower nicotine strength to no nicotine at all. 

You can control your output vapor intensity by vaping:

In traditional smoking, you can not control the smoke that you exhale, while in vaping you have full control over the intensity of vapor you exhale. It is up to you whether you choose low vapor volume e-cigarettes and go for high-powered devices for cloud chasing. In vaping, you can adjust the vapor intensity, airflow, and output power according to your requirement and flavor. You can either be subtle or showy in vaping, it all depends upon the way you choose. 

Endless list of flavors in vaping:

Unlike traditional cigarettes that only give tobacco flavor, there are endless options of flavors in e-cigarettes. The most popular flavors are fruit, dessert, menthol, mint, and beverages. Not only this but you can also make your own vape juice if you want to try something new and exciting. 

Harmful effects of smoking:

According to the research report of the CDC, it has been observed that smoking causes the following symptoms and diseases in the human body:

  • Smoking affects every organ of the human body and is damaged with the passage of time.
  • 90% of lung cancer deaths are due to smoking.
  • 80% of COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) deaths are due to smoking. 
  • Smoking also causes heart disease and stroke.
  • Smoking can reduce sperm count.
  • Smoking can also trigger asthma attacks.


We hope you get all the information related to healthier options for vaping and the harmful effects of smoking. It can be concluded that vaping is marginally a better option than smoking. It is also advisable that people should use FDA-approved methods in order to quit smoking. For more information related to vaping products, feel free to contact us at You can also connect with us on Facebook and Instagram or directly call us at (731)497-5276 for all the updated information. 

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