Top 8 Shisha Flavors for Summer

Do you know what makes a friend’s gathering more happening? It’s a Sheesha party. Visit at Smokenjoy store located in Houston, Texas, to get the hookah flavors of your choice. The more you take it, the more you become nostalgic. You will be amazed to see a variety of hookah flavors present in the store to satisfy your cravings.

No wonder at first you become confused as to which flavor is best for you. For your ease, we have shortlisted some of the best Shisha flavors for summer so that you can enjoy this summer like never before. All you have to do is to keep scrolling down.

List of Top 8 Shisha Falvors:

Here is the list of the top Eight Shisha flavors that are commonly preferred by youngsters.

1.    Tangiers Kashmir Peach

Fluently one of the stylish Tangier flavors on the request is Kashmir Peach, and it’s a# 1 flavor indeed for the creator of Tangiers. This flavor was firstly a pass for me, as I couldn’t get down with the grandma incense aroma that flows with the Kashmir. The last time I began raying into the spice and flowery flavors and set up enjoying a coliseum of Tangiers Bug Greasepaint, this flavor is a slightly candied mix of mint and Kashmir.

2.    Pure Tobacco Morangie

This flavor will noway ever get old for me because it nails one of my favorite flavor biographies with a twist and continues to deliver harmonious sessions coliseum after coliseum. Pure Morangie blends a veritably vibrant orange pulp with juicy mango and delivers a comber coaster of citrus tones throughout the session. Pure knocked this mix out the demesne, and it’s a perfect time around, but it’ll surely be in my store this summer.

3.    Pure Tobacco Honey Dew Melon

If you’ve didn’t experience a honeydew melon flavor before, I suggest starting off with our original favorite, Nakhla Sweet Melon. I used to go through such numerous boxes and barrels of Sweet Melon back in the day that I had to take a break for a time, but now I am back in the world of melons. Lately, I introduced myself to Pure’s Honeydew mix, and I ended up taking it home if you know what I mean. I smoked it. My first coliseum was amazing as Pure was suitable to capture those tasteful moments of my history with a tippler touch; the mellow melon profile is perfect. Nakhla will always have a spot in my heart, but this Pure mix wants to move- in the coming door.

4.    Haze Tobacco Cheech and Chong Lite It Up

The Lite It Up flavor from Haze Tobacco should be classified as a cate flavor with its delicate textured bank and banana smoothie flavor profile that includes back notes analogous to red hots. Their tobacco can repel a great deal of heat, and they recommend an approximately over-packed coliseum for the ideal session.

5.    Haze Tobacco Double Bubble

Gum-flavored shisha or, indeed, gum with mint composites aren’t flavors that I keep on the sundeck, and I believe that added to the” don’t pick up this flavor” intelligence. Double Bubble is an important pink bubble spice mix, and it holds a high ranking spot within cinnamon flavors while beating the bubble goo order. You will love adding high heat to this mix for a stronger sticky spice mix but bomb it till you get down.

6.    Al Fakher Grapefruit Mint

You will definitely fall in love with this flavor of Al Fakher because it is perfect for your budget, and you can fluently enjoy cloud chasing. The flavor strength is a 10/10 indeed without the super courtesan bite of a factual grapefruit, and after multiple times with this flavor, it has yet to fail. Smoking is by itself is how you originally fell in love, but mix it with other citrus composites or flowery tones like a rose. Currently, Al Fakher makes some of their popular single-note flavors with mint or cream, and the addition of their mint makes this Grapefruit perfect.

7.    Starbuzz Vintage Dehli Tea

 Starbuzz Vintage Delhi Tea is outstanding and largely appreciated by smokers that enjoy the further robust shisha flavors. However, if you’ve been around for a while and seek new excitement within your session, buckle up. If you just started smoking history, we wouldn’t recommend this collection to you. The alternate surge of new quaint flavors introduced many tea-grounded flavors like Morning Breeze, Shanghai Passion, and of course, Delhi Tea. Starbuzz uses a strong pop of black tea tone for the foundation of the flavor and also heaps on several layers of spice like cardamom, anise, and cinnamon. Pack it light for a subtle tea mix, or go for the full punch and pack heavy for an important mug of tea with mellow fruit.

8.    Starbuzz Vintage Fresh Lime

All these hands are telling you one thing, TRY THIS FLAVOR. The number of bomb flavors on the request fluently outnumbers the quantum of lime flavors, and it bothers me, but I understand. In utmost cases, the Lime is noway appertained to as plain Lime, and they admit unique names like Lime it Up, Optimus Lime, or Pirates Cave. There are some lime blends that include other flavors to add a depth of flavor to the foundation, but when all you want is Lime, Vintage Fresh Lime delivers the goods. This is not the tangiest of lime composites, but it still leaves you wanting further, and there is also a sweet tobacco finish on the exhale.

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