What Age Group Is More Likely To Smoke Hookah? 

The tradition of Hookah smoking originated in Eastern countries.  With the passage of time, this tradition spread all over the world and was followed by the United States also. In 1990, masses were introduced in the United States which is a flavored hookah along with a combination of glycerin. Although the data is very limited clearly shows that the usage of hookah in the United States is most prevalent among the age group of 18 years to 24 years adults. 

Statistical Analysis: 

According to the survey report of the National Adult Tobacco Survey (NATS), it has been observed that 4.3% of the United States adults smoke hookah almost every day. It has also been noticed that the usage of cigarettes become unpopular after the trend of smoking tobacco from a hookah. 

  • A recent study shows that 79.6% of hookah users say that they smoke hookah because they like socializing with friends. 
  • Another survey shows that 79% of boys aged between 12 years and 17 years said that they smoke hookah because they like the flavors. 

What is Hookah?

Hookah is a water pipe that is used to smoke tobacco. These tobacco mixtures come in a variety of delicious flavors along with a sweet smell and taste. Charcoal heated air is passed through the tobacco and then to a water-filled chamber. A mouthpiece is attached to hookah by which the user inhales the smoke.  

Is Hookah Less Harmful Than A Cigarette?

Many studies proved a fact that smoking tobacco from a hookah is less harmful as compared to cigarette smoking. Not only this but smoking a hookah is less addictive than cigarette smoking.

Flavors of Hookah:

The flavors of the hookah are very popular and high in demand all over the world.  Irrespective of where you are smoking and with whom you are smoking, hookah flavors always seem to come up with exciting tastes and smells. Here is the list of some most popular hookah flavors of all time:

  1. Al-Fakher Mint:

Mint enhances the flavor of everything with which it is mixed. Al fakher’s mint flavor is one of the best and most authentic mint flavors in the world.  It has that essential fresh mint that makes it high in demand among users. No doubt that it is the most popular shisha flavor of all time. 

  1. Tangiers Noir Cane Mint:

This is a peppermint-inspired shisha flavor that sells out within a few hours of getting in stock. Noir Cane mint is the perfect option to begin your hookah session if you are looking for heavy buzz from tangerine shisha. This flavor will surely give you stronger smoke sessions. 

  1. Starbuzz Blue Mist:

This flavor is very popular among newbies and veterans. Due to its high demand in the marketplace, It can be said that blue mist is the coca-cola of shisha flavors. It is a wonderful mixture of sweet blueberry and cool mint which makes it a best seller product throughout the years. 

  1. Nakhla Double Apple:

It is also known as the two apples flavor and is the right choice for traditional users of hookah. It is a combination of Anise (black licorice) and a sweet apple flavor. Nakhla’s flavor of hookah is always in high demand because it keeps the same recipe for decades. 

  1. Starbuzz Pirates Cave:

It is the super sweet flavor of hookah, much similar to a candy-like taste. Starbuzz pirates cave is a mixture of lemon-lime soda along with hard candy. This is a perfect option to start if you are a beginner at smoking hookah and haven’t developed traditional fruit flavor buds. 

  1. Social Smoke Absolute Zero:

Social Smoke Absolute Zero is one of the most underrated shisha flavors among users. Social smoke has a huge variety of great-tasting flavors of hookah.  Absolute zero is the icy mint flavor that will give you a refreshing feeling during the whole session. It will produce a cooling sensation in your mouth and throat. Not only this but you can also mix it with any other flavor to get the cooling throat hit with every puff. 

  1. Fumari Ambrosia:

It is one of the unique flavors of Hookah. It is a delicious citrus blend that gives popularity to the Fumari brand in no time. You can expect a mixture of apple, orange, pineapple, cherry, marshmallow, and coconut in it. This juicy flavor is a complete hit in any hookah bowl on the earth.  

What Should Be Your Next Step?

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