What are the interesting facts about Vaping?

What are the interesting facts about Vaping?

Different people have different opinions related to vaping, and some say that it is as harmful as smoking, while some believe that it is an effective source to quit smoking. We believe that it is somewhere in the middle because vaping tends to help chain smokers quit smoking. Yes, that’s right. Vaping can help you quit smoking faster than you can ever imagine. 

An electronic device is used in vaping that heats a liquid inside and turns it into an aerosol. The consumer inhales this aerosol help you better understand vaping, we shortlisted the exciting facts about vaping. Let’s take a look at them. 

  1. Vaping is Relatively Safer than Smoking:

Preferring e-cigarettes or vapes over regular cigarettes is a much safer choice for your health. Traditional cigarettes tend to leave a residue such as tar which is very harmful to the health. On the other hand, e-liquids used in vaping are comparatively less dangerous and can help you quit smoking to a large extent. Not only this,, but vapes can also improve several health conditions like reducing your blood pressure, improving your immunity level, and easing your breathing.

  1. Vaping is Cheaper than Smoking:

The fact is undeniable that vaping is way too cheaper than smoking cigarettes. It takes a significant amount of money every month to burn tobacco. On the other hand vaping is an inexpensive option. You have to invest the amount initially in order to buy a perfect e-cigarette and its accessories. Not only this,but e-liquid fillers are also inexpensive as compared to cigarettes. 

  1.  Relatively Fewer After-Effects than Smoking:

The vapors that come out of e-cigarettes do not linger long in the air. In this way, vapes do not contribute to air pollution and other people around you with the smell of tobacco smoke. Not only this, but the vapors coming out of the vapes are not absorbed by your clothes, curtains, etc., thus leaving no smell after the session. You can also say that it reduces the chance of passive smoking. 

  1. Second-hand E-Cigarette is much safer than Second-hand Regular Cigarette:

The impact of second-hand cigarette have been studied,, and research showed that smoking is dangerous not only for the one who is taking it but also for the people around that smoker. Regular cigarette contains more than 7,000 chemical compounds and 70 known carcinogens that are cancer-causing elements. Second-hand smoke can lead to the following effects:

  • Produce respiratory infractions like bronchitis and pneumonia.
  • It can cause infections in the ear, nose, and throat.
  • Can increase the risk of asthma.
  • Increase risk of heart disease, heart strokes and lung cancer.

On the other hand, vaping does not possess the risks mentioned above when inhaling second-hand vapor. Recent studies show that the effects of second-hand e-cigarettes are almost negligible because vapors evaporate too quickly in the air. However, it is advisable to avoid vaping in front of children and pregnant women to be on the safe side.  

  1. Variety of Flavors available in Vapes:

There are fewer options available for the smokers after the ban of flavored tobacco products in the EU in 2020. On the other hand you may find unlimited variety of flavors of e-liquids. Not only you can experience tasty flavors of e-liquid but people around you can also enjoy. 

  1. Vaping is easier to cut down as compared to smoking:

With e-cigarettes you will have an option to control your nicotine level concentration according to your desired need. In this way you can even reduce your nicotine intake on a regular basis. This option is not possible in traditional cigarettes as nicotine concentration level is fixed in it and you can not reduce it. Vaping facilitates you to satisfy your cravings and minimize your nicotine intake bit by bit. 

  1. Vapour does not stay longer like cigarette smoke:

It has been observed that vapour comes out from the mouth of e-cigarette user does not linger in the air and breaks down faster. In this way the quality of air is not compromised and polluted even in a poorly ventilated room. In contrast to it, cigarette smoke stay in the air for more than 30 minutes and slo sink into furnishings and fabrics that are present in the room. 

  1. Vapour does not contain harmful chemicals like tobacco smoke:

As compared to tobacco, vape contain fewer ingredients and only fewer compounds are exhaled by the vaper. There are only four main ingredients in e-liquids that are: 

  • PG (Propylene Glycol)
  • VG base (Vegetable Glycerine)
  • Nicotine (that can controlled by adjusting its concentration level)
  • Flavour of e-liquid.

            All of these are safe to consume, while traditional cigarettes contain more than 7,000 compounds when exhaled by the smoker. 

What Should be your next step? 

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